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Chronicling Effects of Contact Sports

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For traumatic brain injuries, #tbi and other variations have become a uniting force, with social media campaigns forming to bring awareness. Brain Injury Awareness Month sees thousands taking selfies and using the hashtag within the community.

In February 2016, CNN’s Sanjay Gupta created a short video explaining chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE:

Most of us have seen the devastating hits inflicted on football players, but data suggest that the most common source of sports-related traumatic brain injuries actually comes from falls in equestrian riding.

The dangers of contact sports should be apparent: With any physical exertion there’s a risk of physical injury, especially in sports involving tackling. In general, we tend to ignore the injuries and risk in lieu of good entertainment. But what exactly are the end results? What are the long-term effects of taking tackle after tackle, punch after punch for years? Read on:

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