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Democracy in the World 2017

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Russian bot accounts successfully placed 3,000 Facebook ads across 470 accounts that spread false information about the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

While Americans may treat democracy as a given, it is actually a relatively young form of government. Until the 1990s the majority of the world still lived under governments that were not democracies.


Many countries subscribe to one form of democracy or another, but many do not.

Fascism is becoming the center point of politics, a resurrection of wars of old. While totalitarianism is alive and well, we have to ask ourselves if the threat to our own democracy is real. Should the United States continue its crusade to be the democratic peacekeeper of the world? Should we move over? With every day bringing the threat of North Korea’s gaining nuclear capabilities closer to a reality, should we be as stalwart as ever? Here are a few interesting topics.


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