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Earth in Peril: Climate Change

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Social media has a highly polarizing effect on climate change debate, often spawning “echo chambers” in which voices of similar opinions reverberate throughout the community and quash any disagreement. This results in deniers keeping within their communities and sometimes helping disseminate misinformation about climate change.

Many scientists paint a grim picture of Earth’s future if we don’t immediately take action to curb our planetary neglect.


But the doom and gloom narrative that surrounds climate change may actually get many of us to turn away from the problem. Vox produced a short video explaining the various psychological reasons why we as humans struggle with responding to climate change and tricks we could use to fix it.

Climate change is a hot topic, and part of the issue is the dissenting “opinion” having a platform in the discussion, denying evidence of climate change and its effects and influencing public opinion to the contrary. These naysayers have hamstrung efforts to push national climate change and cleaner energy policies. This list of excellent articles describes what we can do moving forward: