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#BlackLivesMatter More Than Hashtag Protest

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Scientists analyzed the emotions behind almost 29 million tweets about four events in 2014 and 2015 that led to #BlackLivesMatter protests. They found that the use of “sad” terms rather than “angry” terms related to #BlackLivesMatter were more likely to galvanize users into action.

#BlackLivesMatter is a complex, multifaceted movement. On the surface it’s a socioeconomic and political movement centered around police brutality aimed at the black and brown populace. From what was once a simple hashtag protest, a highly vocal formalized movement has risen. Who are the founders? What are the key tenets and mission statements? In 2016, EmergingUS published a piece interviewing the founders and delving into the movement at large:

#BlackLivesMatter may seem like a new phenomenon but it is rooted in deeply held beliefs by black Americans that the country is still inherently unequal and that inequality is predominantly due to racial discrimination.

Source: Pew Research

#BlackLivesMatter has been the centerpiece of a resurgence of resistance protests in recent years. What can we learn about its public perception? Is it effective? What does the extreme backlash say about the racial atmosphere of the country? Here are a few great pieces on #BlackLivesMatter.


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