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Understanding Natural Only Movement

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Researchers analyzed 4 million tweets and discovered that almost 2x as many tweets discussed healthy foods versus junk foods.

As information about the production of food has become more prominent, we have seen that younger generations care more about organic foods and have greater concerns for genetically modified foods. And we are seeing this awareness translate into action with Americans under 50 being 2.4 times more likely to practice vegetarianism or veganism.

Source: Pew Research

We are starting to see a renewed interest in farming and agriculture by a variety of Americans, many with little to no prior experience or connection to farming.

Americans also want their food policies determined directly by independent farmers and scientific experts instead of politicians and food industry leaders.

Source: Pew Research

Veganism is reaching all corners of society, including current and former professional athletes, who rely on their nutrition to perform at the highest levels. Here are some examples of this growing trend:

  • Going Vegan With Ben Gordon, Vice Sports
  • 300-Pound Vegan Bears DT David Carter Reveals His Meal Plan, Bleacher Report
  • Veganism Helps Venus Williams Fight Autoimmune Disorder, Health.com
  • Iron Mike Tyson Stays Slim and Strong as a Vegan, OWN.com

In addition to athletes, former President BIll Clinton also became a vegan after leaving the White House.