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Opioid Crisis Explained

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A person in America dies every 10 minutes from overdosing on opioids.

What is an opioid, why is it so dangerous, and what caused the epidemic? The website Vox has produced an overview about the entire topic.

As the video explains, people addicted to prescription opioids have begun to look to more potent options like fentanyl and heroin.

There are more than 14,000 treatment facilities across the U.S. that generated $35 billion in 2014. But experts still are concerned that there is insufficient access to treatment for many people addicted to opioids.

People in need are also flocking to groups on the Internet to share firsthand information and connect with people who can relate to their struggles. Sites such as Facebook and Reddit are home to scores of digital recovery communities for users dealing with substance abuse — particularly opioids.

The opioid epidemic is a major part of United States’ larger fight against drugs. There has been a war waging against drugs in the U.S. for decades, but has it been effective?

Here are a few pieces to help make sense of things:

  • Opioids: Drug Deaths in America rising faster than ever, NYTimes
  • The effects of opioids in Baltimore, Maryland Recovery
  • White House Congressional draft on the opioid epidemic, WhiteHouse.gov
  • Why hardly anyone dies in Portugal from a drug overdose, Washington Post

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