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You Are Who You Brunch With

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Studies have shown that there is a dark side to diet identities: A new eating disorder called orthorexia is linked with excessive meaning and control toward eating habits, resulting in the individual perceiving lesser dimensionality as a human being. Research has indicated that *social media, specifically Instagram, promote symptoms of orthorexia, which manifest as a hyperfocus on dietary restrictions and exercise.

The popularity of diets and food lifestyles constantly evolve. Some of these dietary choices have become communities of their own and can shape both who people interact with socially and how they navigate through life. Here’s a list of popular and interesting diet identities.

Diet nameDefinitionPopular foods
VeganStrict vegetarianism that excludes all meat and animal products (no fish, eggs, dairy ect.).Fruits, soybeans, vegetables, nuts, pure dark chocolate.
PaleoDiet based only on food presumed to be available to hunting and gathering humans in the Paleolithic era (no processed foods, no added sugar, no daily, no grain).Seafood, grass-fed lean meats, nuts, roots, fruit.
AtkinsPopular diet based on low-carbohydrate intake to promote weight loss.High fat foods: salmon, trout, beef, chicken, kale, butter, cheese, cream, nuts.
KetogenicLow-carb diet designed to persuade the body to produce ketones as a fuel source instead of sugar through a process called ketosis.High natural fat foods: seafood, cheese, meats, eggs, vegetables.
No NightshadesDiet designed to end chronic pain conditions by eliminating all foods in the nightshade family.Nightshades to avoid: tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, goji berries, tobacco, peppers.

Many may assume that the United States is the nexus for most if not all of these dietary trends. However, we are seeing that throughout the globe people restrict major food groups from their diets.

Source: Nielsen

Certain diets develop reputations among both medical professionals and celebrities alike. Here are a few examples of these trends:

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